Company Overview

Paras Industries was founded in 1986 by Mr. Javed Iqbal and Ch. Muhammad Ijaz. Before, both them were running a different business related with manufacturing of stainless steel cutlery. During this period they visited various countries where they came across with the concept of manufacturing of Damascus Steel. After conducting market research, he found that manufacturing damascus steel is a new idea and also this product line has very weak market competition. So, eventually he invested in manufacturing of damascus steel and founded Paras Industries.

Over the period of time PARAS has introduced some record breaking damascus items for example swords,axes,skinner knives,hunting knives and Daggers. These brands are the oldest in the market by PARAS but even today they are still hot sellers and now have become icons for Paras Industries.



Customer must certify that he/she is legally over the age of 18. Solely responsible for all purchases and use of our knives.We are not responsible for the misuse of the purchased knife/ knives or any of our product.